Transformation of Political Values in the EU: Pros and Cons. The Papers of the “Round-table” Debate of the Lecturers and Students of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia

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His book consists of six chapters. Unlike the majority of other researchers who considered mainly the social reasons of Brexit, A. Glenkross addresses political брексит новости issues. Such as the renegotiation of the terms of British membership that preceded the vote on EU membership; the reasons which led to defeat of D.

Pro-EU positions were deemed risky and mainstream parties on the left and the right shied away from articulating a clear and forceful defence of the EU integration. This became more symptomatic in the UK where Eurosceptic positions became the norm and pro-EU politicians were self-censoring, being marginalised or ridiculed, especially by the dominant right-wing press. Brexit is primarily an opportunity to reconfigure European sovereignty around shared citizen interests, not solely EU Corporate interests.

The other „more forgivable error of judgment concerned underestimating the opportunism of certain Conservative cabinet ministers“ due to the fact that 6 ministers of the government voted to leave EU. Nevertheless, as follows brexit from the analysis of results featured in the book, D. Cameron managed to get some concessions and changes in all the issues which were put under negotiation. Therefore, Britain could confirm its special status in the EU.

This review essay focuses on the monograph of the British researcher A. Glenkross. It is devoted to the key topic in international discussions — Britain’s exit from the EU. In view of a plenty of the literature appearing now concerning Brexit, A. Glenkross is one of the few scholars who analyzes its political reasons. As follows from the book, the main reasons which have led to the referendum on British membership in EU as well as to D.

90 % of UK exports by value would become subject to EU tariffs. The UK would need to negotiate its own „schedule“ of tariffs and subsidies — a process requiring the formal consent of the other WTO members. Brexit necessitates the crafting of a new брексит multilateral arrangement with European trade partners or else a series of bilateral deals. New trade treaties are a matter of urgency as leaving the EU means breaking with the 53 countries that have negotiated a free trade agreement with it.

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reports and literature available at his disposal. Nevertheless, this work succeeds in carrying through a coherent message that combines interesting facts and conclusions, which could serve as a starting point for further research of integration processes in EU as well as political processes in Britain which resulted in the vote for Brexit. There is one more reason, however, why Brexit would be a disaster for Europe. The Chinese government is playing for time in Hong Kong in the hope that the demonstrators will lose heart and perhaps the will to resist.

  • A. Glenkross aknowledges that the idea to hold a referendum on EU membership penetrated all political spectrum and covered not only Eurosceptics from Conservative party, but also Laborers and Liberal democrats.
  • With monetary and fiscal policy unlikely to provide enough stimulus, policymakers should explore alternative options.
  • A.
  • However, in the new conditions to the UK in 2016 the tactic proved to be „the great miscalculation“.

It was repeated in the speech of the new Prime Minister T. May, who replaced D. Cameron. „Unlike other European countries, we have no written constitution, but the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty is the basis of our unwritten constitutional settlement. We have only a recent history of devolved governance — though it has rapidly embedded itself — and we have little history of coalition government“.

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But it simply isn’t true. On top of its economic strength (second largest economy in EU, fifth in the world), the UK also has the most powerful military in the EU (tied with France), fifth-largest in the world. Post-Brexit the EU can give up on dreams of a real common foreign/security policy; without the UK their military forces are a joke. Talking about Chinese President Xi Jinping’s idea of „a community with shared future“, Blair said that divergence from time to time should not stop countries from cooperating on the big issues. „It’s amazing to me even in these last few years, how the world outside China now sees China as one of the key players without whom nothing can be resolved, really. So this is I think important. And the other thing I will say to people in the west is what I have learned about China, is the speeches the Chinese leaders make is quite different from western politics. In western politics, leaders make speeches, and there’s a lot of politics and what we say might happen, might not happen. But when the Chinese leadership says this is our plan, they mean it,“ said Blair.

The absence of a British presence in the EU’s decision-making bodies would make trade and regulation policy more protectionist in line with the instincts of French governments of both Left and Right. Lastly, a British departure would make the Franco-German tandem once again the be-all and end-all of European integration.

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Thirdly, the growth of political influence of Euroscep-tics led to the vote on EU membership. Lack of reforms within EU which could be suited with the British played into the hands of Eurosceptics who claimed that the EU was unreformable and heading towards federal union. Fourthly, there was organized and well-funded opposition, namely, the Party of independence of the United Kingdom.

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